Boa Marine Extends ‘Polar Queen’ Charter

 Boa Marine has today exercised its second option to extend the charter party for the subsea vessel “Polar Queen” with one year, until April 2015.

Boa Marine Extends 'Polar Queen' Charter

The vessel has been on charter with Boa Marine Services since October 2012.  GC Rieber Shipping is the owner of the vessel.

The Polar Queen is a subsea construction / IMR vessel and has a length of 110.6 m and beam of 20 m. The vessel is fitted with a 150t offshore AHC crane, accommodations for 112 persons, 7.4 x 7.4 m moon pool dimensioned for vertical launch system (VLS), two 220 HP Work Class ROV Systems with 3,000 m working depth and 960 m clear deck space.
It is specially designed for operation under severe weather conditions and with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities.

Press Release, December 23, 2013



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