Bohai Ferry Enters Chinese Cruiser Market

Bohai Ferry, the latest addition to the cruise market in China, has announced that its recently acquired Zhong Hua Tai Shan (formerly Costa Voyager), is starting to operate on August 26.

Zhong Hua Tai Shan’s starting point is going to be the Port of Yantai, and she is scheduled for cruises around the Korean seaside.

Zhong Hua Tai Shan was built in 1999, and launched in 2000 as Olimpic Voyager.

In 2004 it was renamed Grand Voyager, and in 2011 Costa Voyager, when she underwent the refurbishing project.

The cruiser can accommodate 836 passengers, she is 180.75 metres in length, and is able to reach the speed of up to 28 knots.

The company has also planned to start two more cruise services this autumn: a Tianjin-Jeju Island, and a Shanghai-Taiwan service, in September and in October respectively.

According to Yu Jianxin, president of Bohai Ferry, cited by Asia Cruise News, the cruise ship will mainly operate 5-7 day services in Asia.

Shandong Huanghai Shipbuilding is putting the finishing touches on the cruise ship at the moment as the vessel’s makeover nears completion.

World Maritime News Staff