‘Bomar Sedna’ Tanker on Its First Special Survey (UK)

Bomar Sedna Tanker on Its First Special Survey

Bernhard Schulte’s product tanker Bomar Sedna (formerly Ditte Theresa) docked in Falmouth on 15 February for her 1st special survey. The vessel is pictured in A&P Falmouth’s No 4 dock.

Falmouth’s No 4 dock (length 172.50m, breadth at entrance 26.21m) has recently had a pit excavated to accommodate thruster and sonar removals. No 4 dock pit is 8.5m long x 6m wide x 2m deep and is offset 1m to the East. The pit was excavated by machine and the floor and walls lined with 300mm thick reinforced concrete.

A&P Falmouth, February 25, 2013