Photo: Bombora’s mWave device (Image: Bombora Wave Power)

Bombora engages extreme wave and current testing services

Bombora’s mWave device (Image: Bombora Wave Power)

Bombora Wave Power Europe has appointed Northern Ireland-based specialist service provider Applied Renewables Research to perform extreme wave and current testing on the mWave technology.

The work under the contract, awarded on November 19, 2018, will support the characterization of hydrodynamic loads that the demonstration mWave wave energy device will experience from exposure to extreme waves and currents at a defined location.

Also, Applied Renewables Research is requested to deliver the full design of testing activities, and of a test model required to achieve the test objectives, while also specifying all components required for try-outs, according to the contract notice on Welsh government’s procurement portal Sell2Wales.

Bombora’s mWave device features a series of air-inflated rubber membranes mounted to a concrete structure on the sea floor.

As waves pass over the mWave, the air inside the membranes is squeezed into a duct and through a turbine. The turbine spins a generator to produce electricity. The air is then recycled to re-inflate the membranes to prepare them for the next wave.

To remind, Bombora Wave Power Europe secured £10.3 million of EU funding to support the design and testing of its mWave device in Septebmer 2018.

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