Bombora eyes mWave control system supplier

mWave device (Image: Bombora Wave Power)

Bombora Wave Power Europe is looking to award a contract for design and supply of control system for its demonstration mWave wave energy converter.

According to the notice published on Welsh government’s procurement portal Sell2Wales, Bombora Wave Power Europe needs a control system that will include SCADA for equipment installed on the seabed, and be able to provide structural health monitoring of all major components of the 1.5MW device.

mWave device (Image: Bombora Wave Power)

The duration of the contract will be up to one year and consist of the full systems control design, supply, testing and installation, including all software and hardware, according to Welsh-based marine energy developer.

The contract notice also includes an instruction for participants to express an interest to Bombora Wave Power Europe to receive a copy of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) by October 10, while the deadline to submit a completed tender ends on December 7, 2018.

Bombora Wave Power Europe was recently awarded £10.3 million of EU funding for the design and testing of its mWave device.

The mWave device features a series of air-inflated rubber membranes mounted to a concrete structure on the sea floor.

As waves pass over the mWave, the air inside the membranes is squeezed into a duct and through a turbine. The turbine spins a generator to produce electricity. The air is then recycled to re-inflate the membranes to prepare them for the next wave.