BOURBON Offshore Norway Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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BOURBON Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary (Norway)

Back in 2002, BOURBON decided to gain access to the North Sea market by taking a share in a publicly listed Norwegian offshore company. One year later, BOURBON took full control of the company and renamed it Bourbon Offshore Norway, starting an uninterrupted track record of innovations.

Today, Bourbon Offshore Norway celebrates its 10-year anniversary. A success story based on the high-profile professional expertise and experience of the company’s employees. Not only did both the marine and onshore personnel continue to work with Bourbon Offshore Norway after the takeover, but most of them do still today, allowing the company to carry over its expertise.

“Being able to keep Bourbon Offshore Norway’s competence at the highest level is proof of our continuous dedication to our entire workforce,” says Bjørn Idar Remøy, Managing Director of Bourbon Offshore Norway. “In addition, I wish to express my gratitude to those who have served with Bourbon Offshore Norway, those who are still with us, and those who will be a part of our future.”

X-Bow, Clean Design… providing innovative and client-oriented services

Since its inception, Bourbon Offshore Norway has constantly brought to the market new technical solutions for the benefit of its clients and the environment:

Bourbon Orca: first vessel with new X-Bow® hull shape and first diesel-electric propelled AHTS designed for the North Sea

Bourbon Tampen: first offshore vessel with azipull propellers

Bourbon Topaz: first offshore vessel with class notation Naut OSV

Bourbon Mistral: first offshore vessel with Dynamic Positioning system HIL testing and Clean Design classified

Bourbon Front: first offshore vessel with MACS® flexible cargo system and 360° visibility

Managing vessels worldwide with the same level of quality

Fully in line with BOURBON’s objective of becoming a global leader in offshore oil & gas marine services, Bourbon Offshore Norway benefits from the consolidation of the Group through new market opportunities, especially in West Africa.

“The fact that we have vessels operating in almost every corner of the globe adds another layer to the challenges we must rise to in terms of logistics and communication” explain Bjørn Idar Remøy. “Integrating BOURBON’s model of standardization is key to our growth. We have implemented BOURBON’s Quality Management System; we have renewed our certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISM) and are applying the new Operational Safety Management standard. Bourbon Offshore Norway’s history is one of a client-driven company, capable of providing highly experienced North Sea personnel, innovative solutions and a global quality of service.”


Press Release, September 03, 2013


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