Brodosplit Seals Crane Production Gig with German Consortium

Brodosplit Seals Crane Production Gig with German Consortium

Croatian shipyard Brodosplit has concluded a five-year contract with the German consortium Kranunion.

The contract was signed on a long-term basis for the minimal period of five years. It is conceived in a way that the German consortium is obliged to deliver documentation and set up manufacture of cranes, and Brodosplit will manufacture the cranes on a turnkey system. Manufacturing of cranes is to commence in December of this year. By this contract, Brodosplit will secure continuous employment for 200 to 400 employees on annual level, depending on market demands and future works contracted by Kranunion.

Kranunion is a German association of three crane manufacturers specialized in lifting and transporting heavy loads: Kirow, Ardelt and Kocks. Planned reconstruction of ports on rivers Danube and Sava and sea ports Ploče and Rijeka, as well as technological reconstruction in Croatian shipyards, are seen as opportunities to contract new cranes for vertical transport on behalf of Brodosplit.

“Besides its relevance in business sense, this contract has a strategic importance as well, because in this way Brodosplit becomes the only manufacturer of this type of cranes in South-East Europe and Mediterranean region,” the shipyard announced in a press release.


Press Release, November 14, 2013

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