B&V, UOP to Deliver LNG Fueling Solutions in North America

B&V, UOP to Deliver LNG Fueling Solutions in North America

Black & Veatch and Honeywell’s UOP  will make it more cost effective for North American companies in the transportation sector to make the switch to liquefied natural gas (LNG). The two companies have created an alliance to market and implement Black & Veatch’s PRICO® E Pack plant, a standardized LNG production facility, for the rail, on-road, off-road and marine industries.

“PRICO® E Pack is backed by Black & Veatch’s proven PRICO® process that has a track record of success dating back more than 50 years in the natural gas industry,” said Rebecca Liebert, senior vice president and general manager of Honeywell’s UOP Gas Processing and Hydrogen business unit. “Black & Veatch’s portfolio complements UOP’s offering of technology and equipment solutions to gas processors.”

The alliance pairs Black & Veatch’s patented, single-mixed refrigerant loop for natural gas liquefaction with Honeywell’s UOP Russell modular plant equipment and its gas processing technology. The combined offering allows North American clients to achieve savings through expedited delivery and construction time of the small-scale LNG plant.

LNG is an ideal transportation fuel option. It has a high storage density that makes it a viable option to displace diesel for high horsepower or heavy duty vehicle applications. LNG can also be produced at a relatively low cost and is cleaner burning than traditional fuel choices. The complete small-scale LNG plant offering will be available in 2013.

“Natural gas as a transportation fuel provides clear economic and environmental benefits,” said John George, Vice President and Oil & Gas Manager for Black & Veatch. “Now that natural gas is more readily available, transportation companies can make the switch to LNG in a faster and more cost-effective manner with PRICO® E Pack.”

LNG World News Staff, September 24, 2013; Image: B&V


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