Photo: Courtesy of BW LNG

BW’s Berge Arzew hits operations milestone

BW LNG, a unit of the Singapore-based gas shipping giant BW Group, has hit a new milestone with its Berge Arzew LNG carrier.

BW's Berge Arzew hits operations milestone
Courtesy of BW LNG

Following its 300th loading operation completed last month, the 2004-built vessel has reached another milestone. Following its latest discharge operation, the vessel has now completed a total of 600 cargo operations, combined loading and unloading.

BW LNG noted that the vessel has completed a cargo operation on average every 10 days since its delivery in April 2004.

According to the shipping data provided by Vesselsvalue, the vessel has been operating between Sonatrach’s Arzew LNG export facility and the Etki LNG terminal in the Aliaga industrial area, adjacent to Cakmaklı village, in the south-western part of Candarlı Bay, Izmir, Turkey.

Berge Arzew is capable of transporting 135,300 cubic meters of the chilled fuel.

The FSRU Neptune, previously known as GDF Suez Neptune, operates as Turkey’s third LNG import terminal.