Photo: SM58 G platform; Source: Byron

Byron Energy installs Gulf of Mexico platform

Oil and gas company Byron Energy has completed the installation of the SM58 G platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Byron said on Monday that the installation of jacket and decks comprising the platform was completed.

The company added that the Triton Hedron derrick barge de-mobilized off location after installing the jacket over the SM58 G1 well drilled in October 2019, then driving piles, and finally installing the topside facility.

Byron’s workers are now living on the platform and are making final preparations to accept the drilling rig which is scheduled to arrive in two weeks.

It is worth noting that the company deployed a used and refurbished facility for the project. According to Byron, it saved between $8-10 million and expedited cycle time to first production by 9-12 months, compared to a newbuild facility.

The company further stated that the next phase of the SM58 project was laying of the oil and gas sales pipelines needed to transport produced hydrocarbons to market.

The pipeline lay barge was mobilized on 3 July and arrived on location the following day. Initial operations comprise the installation of the 4-inch diameter 305-meter oil sales line.

Byron stated that once the oil line portion of the project was complete, the barge would begin laying the 8-inch diameter 12-kilometre gas sales line. Pipeline laying and tie-in operations are expected to take approximately 50 days depending on weather conditions.

As for the rig, the Enterprise 264 jack-up drilling rig is scheduled to mobilize to the SM58 G platform by July 20, and begin completion operations on the G1 well.

Without significant weather delays, first production from the G1 is expected by 1 September 2020.

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