Byron’s Gulf of Mexico well to reach total depth by December-end

U.S. oil company Byron Energy expects to reach total depth (TD) at the SM 71 F2 well in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico by the end of this month. 

Byron started drilling the SM 71 F2 well on South Marsh Island Block 71 (SM 71) in early December, using the Ensco 68 jack-up rig.

The rig is located over the platform to allow the F1 and F2 wells to be completed for production.

The SM 71 F2 well has two targets: the D5 Sand and the B65 Sand. The primary target in the F2 well is the D5 Sand which will serve as an additional D5 take point and extend the D5 proven reserves down-dip from the F1 well.

According to Byron’s statement on Monday, the SM 71 F2 well was drilled to a depth of 3,685 feet Measured Depth (MD) on December 10, 2017, where 10 3/4 inch casing was set and cemented in place.

As at 2.00 PM USA Central Time on December 17, 2017, the SM 71 F2 well was drilling ahead at 4,895 feet MD in 9 7/8” hole. It is anticipated that the well will be drilled to total depth and evaluated by the end of December, said Byron.

SM 71 F2 has a planned MD of 8,965 ft/2,733 meters (7,555 ft/2,303 meters TVD).

Byron is the operator of SM71 with a 50% working interest and a 40.625% net revenue interest in SM 71. Otto Energy holds the remaining interest in SM 71.

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