C-Innovation picks Okeanus kit for Brazil ops

Okeanus has delivered two integrated, skid-mounted winches and A-Frame LARS to C-Innovation, in Brazil.


This custom deck equipment is for use by C-Innovation clients aboard two separate RSVs for CTD deployment at depths of up to 3,000 metres.

The 7 x 12’ skid-mounted LARS each feature an Okeanus DT-3025EHLWR slip ring winch that can hold 3,000 metres of .45” armored coax cable.

The A-Frame on each LARS have a safe working load of 4,000lbs., making them an ideal solution for CTD deployment in deeper waters.

“We have enjoyed a longstanding working relationship with C-Innovation, and we are delighted to provide them with more of our equipment,” according to Okeanus managing director Benton LeBlanc.

“We partner with our clients to better understand their specific requirements in deploying subsea assets safely and efficiently, and we are confident that both C-Innovation and their client will be pleased with their new deck equipment.”

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Okeanus has also recently delivered one of its all-electric umbilical winches to SEAMOR Marine.

SEAMOR has utilised the winch on one of its Chinook ROV systems.

The package then went to Panama for tunnel inspections of two hydroelectric projects on the Old Chiriqui River.

Okeanus DT-305AEHR winch is capable of holding 3,000 metres of .492” umbilical, and it also allows for remote operation.

The aluminum umbilical winch has a bare drum line pull of 750 lbs. and speed of 0-150 feet per minute.