Okeanus all-electric winch for SEAMOR ROV

Okeanus has delivered one of its all-electric umbilical winches to SEAMOR Marine.


SEAMOR has utilised the winch on one of its Chinook ROV systems.

The package then went to Panama for tunnel inspections of two hydroelectric projects on the Old Chiriqui River.

Okeanus DT-305AEHR winch is capable of holding 3,000 metres of .492” umbilical, and it also allows for remote operation.

The aluminum umbilical winch has a bare drum line pull of 750 lbs. and speed of 0-150 feet per minute.

Don Brockett, COO of Okeanus said,

“We pride ourselves on being able to solve our customers’ problems, no matter how simple or complex.

“When our customers are developing new systems, we enjoy getting involved in the early stages to ensure that the launch and recovery needs for their new subsea products are handled safely and efficiently.”

Finally, the Chinook worked really well with the winch provided and the turn-key system achieved the target distance at the first attempt, with plenty of power in reserve.

Robin Li, president of SEAMOR said, “We are very happy with the performance of Okeanus’ winches.

“Its efficient and robust designs fit the nature of the projects well.

“I would welcome the opportunity to have Okeanus’ winches listed as one of many options for the SEAMOR line of ROVs.”