C-Innovation clamp installation

C-Innovation wraps up Mad Dog Spar work

C-Innovation has installed several stem clamps for BP beneath the Mad Dog Spar in the Gulf of Mexico.


For the purpose of the project, C-I used its subsea inspection, maintenance and repair and ROV vessel, MV Dove.

Throughout the planning process, the ROV went through some modification to mitigate the risks for C-I and BP assets.

This included armoring with Lexan polycarbonate and design of new manipulator mounting subframes.

Specifically, the new subframes extended the reach of the manipulators by 12 inches.

Additionally, C-I set up enhanced manipulator controls systems.

The company delivered the project 10 days ahead of BP’s schedule.

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Ryan Combs, project manager, C-Innovation, said:

“C-I was engaged by BP early in the project lifecycle to provide input into the design of the subsea hardware and installation capabilities of the ROV, which would face limited access to the installation location beneath the facility.

“The C-I project team engaged with the ROV operations groups, offshore managers and tooling group in order to evaluate the risks involved with the execution of the project and ultimately secured a successful outcome.”

Adam Kluge, BP ARP, said:

“C-I overcame some complex demands with a challenging method of installation in very tight working quarters within the structure and did so safely, with great skill, in half the anticipated timeframe.

“The success of the execution was directly attributable to excellent teamwork and communication throughout each phase.”