Clean Air Engineering–Maritime

CAE-M’s ShoreKat system wins CARB’s backing

California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved Clean Air Engineering–Maritime, Inc.’s (CAE-M) latest vessel stack exhaust capture and treatment system, called the “ShoreKat.”

Image credit: Clean Air Engineering–Maritime

The technology aims to reduce emissions from marine vessels while minimizing the impact on vessel performance and operating costs.

The CARB Executive Order for the ShoreKat concludes a CARB-sponsored grant project issued to Pasha Terminals LP as part of the “Green Omni Terminal Project” in the Port of Los Angeles.

The ShoreKat technology is an air pollution control system that removes particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, and other harmful pollutants from exhaust gasses produced by ships and other marine vessels. The technology uses ceramic filters as part of its process to capture and treat pollutants from exhaust gas before it is released as clean air into the atmosphere.

According to its developer, the standalone and self-powered system can be customized and modified to fit any ship’s funnel. As a mobile shore-based system, it can be placed into position to avoid interfering with ship assist, bunkering, or cargo handling. It can be placed before a vessel arrives and begin service immediately, operating the entire time the vessel is in port.

“Companies that operate large commercial vessels have a regulatory responsibility pursuant to CARB’s amended At-Berth Regulation to reduce and eliminate emissions while at berth,” said Nick Tonsich, president of CAE-M.

“The ShoreKat, along with our existing barge-based Marine Exhaust Treatment System (“METS”), provide a safe, reliable, and affordable solution for these ships.”

In 2012, CARB set regulations requiring ocean-going vessels to eliminate diesel emissions while at birth, with capture and control technology as an option for compliance.

In June 2015, CAE-M won CARB certification for its METS unit which has since serviced over 400 vessels with over 25,000 hours of stack exhaust treatment services. After receiving its Executive Order in December of last year, the ShoreKat is now the only CARB-approved shore-based system, CAE-M said, adding it was the only company to hold two CARB executive orders.