Canada: Electromaax Develops Marine Wind Generator for Cruisers (VIDEO)

Canada: Electromaax Develops Marine Wind Generator for Cruisers (VIDEO)

Electromaax, based in Ontario, Canada, teamed up with serious cruisers to design and manufacture its high performance marine wind generator, combining precision engineering with superior grade materials to provide the flawless performance that cruisers always dreamed of.

With optimal charging capabilities and eco-friendly features that are hard to beat, the AirMaax 12/24 V system is the most cost-effective and reliable solution to all cruisers’ offshore green energy needs.

More power, less disruption

Technologically advanced, computer designed blades help minimize noise and produce optimum energy output at lower wind speeds. These higher efficiency carbon fiber reinforced blades promise greater durability and resist abrasion, while U.V. protection increases longevity, an important cost savings feature.

A smooth ride with virtually no effort

The exceptionally robust structure of the AirMaax 12/24 V system is engineered to withstand high-speed winds and the harsh marine environment. Generating substantial amounts of energy in winds of 8 to 20 knots, it can also handle winds in excess of 45 knots without malfunctioning or requiring attention.

As easy as it gets

The AirMaax 12/24 V marine wind turbine system comes 95% assembled, so even non-technical users can benefit from an easy installation. As a result of rectifying at the batteries, the Airmaax is able to utilize super thin cables that transfer the energy from the generator to the smr-12/24 ws regulator. This feature not only has substantial dollar savings but proves vital when trying to trace the wires through the boat during the installation process without any loss of electrical current.

Natural high output energy sources for today’s environmentally conscious mariner

Technological advancements have actually made it possible for Electromaax to incorporate solar panels up to 200 watts in the AirMaax 12/24 V marine turbine. This allows harnessing natural energy sources, making it an eco-friendly alternative to most energy-generating products on the market today.


Press release, August 13, 2013


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