Canada: Shark Marine Launches NavNode

Canada Shark Marine Launches NavNode

Shark Marine Technologies Inc. has just announced a new addition for their Navigator, diver held sonar and navigation system, NavNode, a sub-sea communication system which allows operators to:

– Monitor divers positions.

– Share target information and alerts between divers or to the surface.

– Send messages from pre-set lists or text messages.

– Direct divers to a surface vessel, even when mobile.

– Recall Divers.

NavNode allows for communication and data transfer between divers and surface units in any configuration, this innovative communication system allows for message transmission to any or all other devices on the “NavNode” network and provides individual message confirmations from each diver to ensure verified communication. Connection quality to each unit is also displayed, giving a clear picture of network clarity.

The network can also be configured to automatically relay the position of each team member to the entire team, or to be silent until a message needs to be sent. A list of authorized units can also be set to allow only known units to join the network.

Each device can automatically connect to an available NavNode network, requiring little to no operator intervention. Once connected, received messages and unit positions are displayed clearly on the Navigators’ track screen.

Allowing both surface and underwater units on a NavNode network to communicate with and locate each other not only increases mission efficiency, but team safety.

NavNodes intuitive interface allows messages to be sent quickly and easily by using fully customizable “quick send” lists. These lists allow the operator to attach different actions to each user-defined message. These actions can range from directing all units to travel to a surface vessel while dynamically updating its position, or to sending a newly found target position and details to the team.

Press Release, July 16, 2013


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