Uranus rig carried out Trillion's 2022 – 2023 drilling campaign at SASB; Source: Trillion Energy

Canadian firm pursuing artificial lift solutions for giant gas play off Türkiye

Canada’s oil and gas player Trillion Energy is deploying artificial lift solutions at a natural gas field in the Black Sea off Türkiye to monetize the reserves for sale, after the firm’s six-well 2022-2023 development drilling program proved successful in all six wells, resulting in large volumes of gas reserves being tied into the pipeline for production.

Uranus rig carried out Trillion's 2022 – 2023 drilling campaign at SASB; Source: Trillion Energy

Last year, Trillion revealed its plans to add three sidetrack wells to the development program for the SASB natural gas field, increasing the total number of wells from 17 to 20. The company undertook a work program to optimize production at the field to ensure all six previously drilled and completed wells would be producing concurrently on a managed basis.

The Canadian player intends to drill five new sidetracked production wells from existing platforms at the SASB gas field development in 2024 to raise the total number of producing wells to 11. In addition, the Black Sea drilling campaign at the field will include at least one exploration well targeting potential stratigraphic natural gas prospects, as the current six wells are structural deposits. 

Trillion has pushed this program three months forward, compared to its previous timeline, due to receiving pumps, some of which require remanufacture of well heads to install. These well heads have been ordered and first deliveries are expected in February 2024.

After the firm enlisted the expertise of the third-party engineering firm, GLJ, in November 2023 to address the water loading issue, the ensuing comprehensive report, highlighting actionable items for the execution of the artificial lift, was delivered in December 2023. As a result, Trillion has now set in motion orders for pumps, wellheads, new well tubing, and the like.

Furthermore, the company’s issued production guidance remains steadfast at 7,547 mcf/d before royalties – 15.4 MMcf/d 100% gross interest to lease – for the initial six wells for 2024, with the program execution occurring over the next few months, starting with the four Akcakoca platform wells in 1Q and then the two tripod wells in early 2Q.

The Canadian player also anticipates fitting two or three additional legacy wells with pumps by 2Q for a total of eight producing wells. Two of the added wells were initially part of the sidetrack program. However, to save cost, these are now slated as re-completions instead of new sidetrack drilling operations.

During the six-well drilling program, the initial short-term flow test rates were: South Akcakoca-2: 7-8.2 MMcf/d; Akcakoca-3: 7 MMcf/d; Alapli-2: 11.9 MMcf/d; West Akcakoca-1: 5.9 MMcf/d; Bayhanli-2: 11.9 MMcf/d and Guluc-2: 16.35 MMcf/d. The Akcakoca-3 well’s perforation was deferred due to a snag causing a tool string challenge. The snag issue is now resolved, allowing for perforation of the remaining 6 meters of gas pay.

Aside from this, 10.4 meters of gas pay will be perforated in South Akcakoca-2. The firm is confident the perforations will increase production significantly in the wells, with both receiving either velocity string tubing – which is an alternative to pumps – and/or pumps upon arrival of the required parts.

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At the end of December 2023, Trillion Energy wrapped up 3D seismic reprocessing, which showed significant implications for exploration potential at the SASB field.