Reprocessed seismic data reveals 'promising chapter' for Black Sea gas field

Reprocessed seismic data reveals ‘promising chapter’ for Black Sea gas field

Canadian oil and gas player Trillion Energy has completed 3D seismic reprocessing for a natural gas field in the Black Sea off Türkiye which is said to have shown significant implications for exploration potential.

Source: Trillion Energy

3D seismic reprocessing has been completed for the SASB gas field and Trillion Energy is now in the process of interpreting the results and tying them into the existing drilled wells.

Significant improvements in seismic technology since the initial processing of the 2004 seismic data offered enhanced data imaging for reservoir characterization, faults, and reservoir layers, Trillion said.

The seismic studies are said to have revealed crucial findings with significant implications for exploration potential. Arthur Halleran, CEO of Trillion, stated that the seismic data has unveiled a “promising chapter” for the SASB gas field.

The company noted that the updated seismic data reveals extensive new stratigraphic gas prospects, showing a significant presence of multiple gas-charged sand channels in the sands D and De-E zones, indicating a richer gas potential than previously known.

“The revelation of extensive channel sands, particularly in the D and De-E zones, surpasses our earlier understanding of the field,” Halleran said. “This transformative breakthrough marks a clearer and more expansive vision of our gas prospects. The excitement is palpable as we witness the emergence of previously unseen gas-charged sand channels throughout, setting the stage for a future defined by enhanced exploration success.”

Trillion Energy’s forward plan is to validate the presence of hydrocarbons using various AVO attributes and to estimate porosity and clay volume through advanced techniques like neural networks and machine learning. The plan includes pre-stack deterministic inversions, facies detection, and extraction of geo-bodies, with the goal of detecting new prospecting sweet spots and completing the geostatistical inversion workflow.

In October, the Canadian company revealed a boost in production rates at the SASB natural gas field as a result of a three-well perforation program. Trillion decided to embark on the perforation program to optimize production at the field in a bid to ensure all six previously drilled and completed wells would be producing concurrently on a managed basis.