Capacity of UK-France interconnector reduced by 150 MW

Capacity of planned UK-France interconnector reduced to 1,250 MW

Developers of the FAB interconnector that will link Great Britain and France are planning to submit an updated planning application regarding the project’s converter station in the UK.

FAB Link Limited and Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE) have amended the design of the project from a capacity of 1,400 MW to 1,250 MW with an aim to reduce the overall impact of the project and to increase its cost efficiency.

Therefore, FAB Link Limited revealed on 1 June its intention to submit an updated planning application to East Devon District Council for the converter station site to the east of the Harriers Court Industrial Estate, near Exeter airport.

“There have been advancements in interconnector technology since the original design was decided upon,” said James Dickson, the FAB Link Project Director.

“This update gives the project the benefits of modern, proven equipment so we are almost able to achieve with a single pair of cables, that which was previously based upon two pairs.”

FAB Link will be a high voltage electrical Direct Current (DC) link connecting the substation of Exeter to Menuel in Cotentin, France, with an option to go via the channel island of Alderney, with nearly 220 kilometers of cable.

The project has been recognized as a Project of Common Interest by the EU following support received from the French and UK governments.

Construction is planned to start in 2026, with completion expected by 2030 and commissioning in 2031.

Last year, Ofgem announced that the project is retaining its cap and floor regime in principle, following the needs case reassessment.