Capital Product Partners’ Boxship Starts MSC Charter after Scrubber Refit

Agamemnon, the first of two Capital Product Partners containerships to be chartered to Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), has started its charter.

The 2007-built boxship started operations on September 17, after completing the installation of a SOx scrubber system and ballast water treatment system and passing its special survey.

Agamemnon is set to be joined by its 2006-built sister ship Archimidis by the end of the year, according to an agreement signed between the Greek shipping company and MSC in July this year.

Both ships have a capacity of 8,266 TEU units and will conclude their charter in February 2024, at the earliest.

The company earlier said that these charters may generate collectively an estimated EBITDA of around USD 44.5 million over the median firm periods of the charters.