Carbon Prototype SpeedDream27 Weeks Away from Its First Test Sail, USA

Carbon Prototype SpeedDream27 Weeks Away from Its First Test Sail

SpeedDream, the 27′ all carbon prototype under construction here at Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, is just weeks away from her first test sail.  Built initially as a prototype for the record setter SpeedDream100, the boat is now available as a commercially produced high performance yacht for those who crave speed and innovation.

The design, a scaled down prototype of the record setter will be, quite simply, the fastest sailboat of its size anywhere on the planet. From its narrow, wave piercing hull to the lifting wings and extreme canting keel, SpeedDream27 relies on efficiency rather than raw power to achieve speeds that will reach, and often exceed, 30 knots.

The SpeedDream27 is one of the most advanced and innovative yacht design concepts in sailing today.

Some of the main characteristics of the boat are:

  1. A delta-shaped hull, almost triangular in plan view, with a very narrow, wave-piercing bow to reduce resistance and improve seaworthiness.
  2. A moderately wide beam for enhanced planing ability at high speeds.
  3. Reduced hull volume and buoyancy to lower drag and save weight.
  4. Very high stability and sail carrying capacity due to an innovative Flying Keel that ultimately comes out of the water to provide maximum righting moment while completely eliminating drag.
  5. The use of a telescoping keel that retracts to reduce draft while in harbor, and extends while sailing to maximize righting moment and sail carrying capability.
  6. An innovative Stepped Hull that separates speed robbing drag into two smaller regions.
  7. The resulting stability is far superior to current keel boats while requiring only fraction of the ballast thereby significantly reducing the total boat displacement.
  8. The use of high-aspect, high-performance sails that allow SpeedDream27 to sail at very close wind angles and through a broad range of wind conditions.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, August 15, 2012; Image: lymanmorse