CARIS, ROMOR to Host Streamlined Offshore Survey Processing Tutorial

CARIS and ROMOR, EIVA’s Canadian partner, will host a half day tutorial at the upcoming Oceans 2014 conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada in September.

CARIS, ROMOR to Host  Streamlined Offshore Survey Processing Tutorial

The tutorial titled Streamlined offshore survey processing will focus on the integrated software solution for offshore survey through a seamless workflow between CARIS and EIVA software.

Attendees will be taken through the workflow from acquiring and processing survey data through to managing and manipulating the data in an enterprise GIS environment. An emphasis on the transfer of data between a bathymetric processing system and a pipeline inspection system will be given, as well as a new concept of direct file support to avoid the duplication and transformation of data.

The topic of subsea navigation processing will be discussed with a focus on Kalman filtering Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) navigation data. Bathymetric cleaning algorithms like CUBE and SCALGO will be demonstrated.

The latest water column imaging tools will be used to highlight how escaping gas and oil can be detected and the pipeline inspection process will be another key aspect.

The tutorial will take place on Monday, September 15. Interested parties can register for the tutorial through the Oceans 2014 website.

Press Release, July 04, 2014