Photo: Image source: Carteret County

Carteret County Beachfill Moving Westward

Despite a persistent southwest wind generating choppy seas past weekend, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock is making great progress in Carteret County.

According to the county’s Shore Protection Office, GLDD dredge the Ellis Island has completed pumping sand in the eastward direction from the submerged pipeline landing in Beacon’s Reach.

We’re now pumping sand westward from Line 5 to complete the Pipe Knoll Shores Reach (Reach 9). We have 3,500 linear feet remaining before we transition over to Line 6 that serves Salter Path,” reported the county in its latest release.

The county officials expect this will take place on April 3rd (weather or mechanically dependent).

Under the contract for the phase II of the Post Florence Renourishment Project, GLDD will dredge approx. 1,995,000 cubic yards of sand from the Offshore Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) associated with Morehead City Federal Navigation Project, pumping the sand along 9.5 miles of Carteret County shoreline.

West Emerald Isle (EI), Salter Path (IB), Pine Knoll Shores (PKS), and West Atlantic Beach will receive 345,000 cy, 140,000 cy, 990,000 cy, and 520,000 cy of sand, respectively.


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