CEDA Webinar: Underwater Sound in Relation to Dredging (VIDEO)

Underwater Sound in Relation to Dredging

CEDA has added online seminars to its palette of platforms to exchange knowledge and best practice experience.

The first CEDA Webinar took place on 23rd of April at 3:00 pm, Europe Summer Time (Brussels). The impacts of underwater sound on aquatic life have become a very important environmental issue. Like many other activities, the dredging process produces underwater sound depending on the type of dredger, operation methods and so on.

The knowledge about dredging induced sound and its effects has increased greatly in recent years and it grows by the day.

This webinar discussed about:

– effects of sound on marine life;

– dredging sound;

– documented impacts;

– management of sound impacts via mitigation measures.


Dredging Today Staff, July 4, 2013

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