CGG in seismic acquisition project for Pemex

French geophysical company CGG has been awarded a contract by Mexican oil company Pemex to deliver an orthogonal wide-azimuth survey to improve subsalt seismic imaging in the Perdido deepwater area offshore Mexico.

CGG said on Tuesday that the new wide-azimuth survey, covering 10,000 square kilometers, would be perpendicular to the existing wide-azimuth seismic data acquired by CGG in 2010.

This will be the first large-scale combined orthogonal wide-azimuth dataset done for Pemex which will provide significantly enhanced subsalt imaging results due to the improved illumination of the targets beneath the complex salt canopy, the company added.

The company also stated that the survey would start in early 2017 with the delivery of Fast Trax pre-stack depth migration RTM results by the end of the year and full production processing results in 2018.

The data will be processed in CGG’s Villahermosa and Houston subsurface imaging centers. Financial details regarding the deal between the two companies have not been disclosed.

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO of CGG, said: “CGG is proud to have been selected to conduct Mexico’s first offshore orthogonal wide-azimuth program to address the significant imaging challenges relating to the presence of complex geology and salt structures in the deepwater Perdido area.

“CGG has an invaluable 28-year track record of operational experience in Mexico. We are delighted to have the opportunity to continue developing our longstanding partnership with Pemex to support their exploration & development plans.”