Shearwater vessel Oceanic Sirius

CGG taps Shearwater for phase two of Nebula survey off Brazil

Shearwater GeoServices has secured a five-month contract extension for CGG’s Brazil Nebula multi-client survey.

Shearwater vessel Oceanic Sirius
Courtesy: Shearwater

The first phase of Nebula 3D is nearing completion and acquisition will soon commence on the phase-two.

“The extension provides a solid addition to our firm backlog for the northern winter, and austral summer season,” said Irene Waage Basili, the CEO of Shearwater GeoServices.

This extension period commences in late Q4, carried out by the Oceanic Sirius seismic vessel.

Specifically, Nebula 3D is a large, long-offset BroadSeis survey in the Campos and Santos Basins offshore Brazil.

Phase I covers approximately 17,700 square kilometres on the southeastern side of the survey area providing 3D data coverage where currently no other 3D data exists.

Phase II covers approximately 10,000 square kilometres on the northern side of the survey area with underlying broadband datasets that will provide input for dual-azimuth imaging.

The Nebula Phase II dual azimuth data should also better illuminate pre-salt events and address significant challenges posed by thick volcanic layers in this portion of the survey.

Fast track results should be ready by Q4 2021 and final products by Q1 2022.

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO CGG, also said:

“The Brazilian Pre-Salt is the largest worldwide oil discovery in the last decades and it is the most important exploration play in the world. This addition to our already very large 3D multi-client library in the Santos and Campos basins underlines our commitment to offering the industry ultramodern data sets to support optimized exploration and development of the entire pre-salt area.”