Chengxi Shipyard Holds Naming Ceremony for CSL’s Self-Unloaders, China

Chengxi Shipyard Holds Naming Ceremony for CSL' s Self-Unloaders

The naming ceremony for No.3 71.900 DWT self-unloading vessel and No.2 35.500 DWT self-unloading vessel, built for Canada Steamship Lines, was held at Chengxi Shipyard on 11th August, 2012. Mr. Paul W. Martin, Chairman of the Board & Owner of CSL Group, Mr. Rod Jones, President & CEO of CSL Group, Mr. Nick Brown, Greater China Country Manager of LRS register and other representatives from Owner, Shipyard attended the naming ceremony.

Mrs. Deborah Beatty successfully named the No.3 71,900 DWT self-unloading vessel into “CSL Tecumseh”. After the completion of the naming for the No.3 71,900 DWT self-unloading, all the guests moved to berth No.2 to start the naming ceremony for the No.3 35,500 DWT self-unloading vessel.

Mr. Paul Cozza, President of CSL Americas expresses his sincere thanks to all the staff that devoted themselves to the construction of two self-unloading vessels and hope could have a good relationship & cooperation with Chengxi in his speech.

Mrs. Anne Marie Sabetta-Bougie successfully named the No.2 35,500 DWT self-unloading vessel into “Thunder Bay”.

Mr. Hu Jin Gen, Chairman of Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd. made an impassioned speech on the cerebration party. He indicated that recall to Chengxi Shipyard long lasting cooperation with CSL, since the first vessel, Eastern Power was awarded to Chengxi for conversion in 2004, total 7 ships was awarded to Chengxi for the self unloading conversion. During the sincere cooperation, Chengxi had accumulated rich experiences and cordial friendship. The construction of both ships is also the strong help and timely support received from CSL in this declined market. He believed the construction would be completed successfully, and the cooperation betsween CSL and Chengxi would be further developed in future.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, August 21, 2012; Image: chengxi