Jansz-Io - Chevron

Chevron sanctions $4 billion compression project in Australia

Chevron Corporation, as the operator and the Gorgon joint venture, will proceed with the approximately $4 billion (AU$6 billion) Jansz-Io Compression (J-IC) project located in Australia.

Jansz-Io Compression project - Field Control Station and Subsea Compression Station; Source: Chevron
Jansz-Io Subsea Compression Station - Chevron
Jansz-Io Subsea Compression Station; Source: Chevron

The Jansz-Io field is located around 200 kilometres offshore the northwest coast of Western Australia at approximately 1,350 meters below the surface.

A modification of the existing Gorgon development, J-IC will involve the construction and installation of a 27,000-tonne normally unattended floating Field Control Station (FCS), approximately 6,500 tonnes of subsea compression infrastructure, and a 135km submarine power cable linked to Barrow Island.

Gorgon comprises a three-train, 15.6 million tonnes per annum LNG facility and a domestic gas plant with the capacity to supply 300 terajoules of gas per day to Western Australia and the compression project was always envisaged as part of the original Gorgon development plans.

Construction and installation activities are estimated to take approximately five years to complete, Chevron said on Friday.

Nigel Hearne, Chevron Eurasia Pacific Exploration and Production president, said J-IC represents Chevron’s most significant capital investment in Australia since the sanctioning of the Gorgon Stage 2 project in 2018.

“Using world-leading subsea compression technology, J-IC is positioned to maintain gas supply from the Jansz-Io field to the three existing LNG trains and domestic gas plant on Barrow Island”, Hearne said.

“This will maintain an important source of clean-burning natural gas to customers that will enable energy transitions in countries across the Asia Pacific region”.

J-IC follows the Gorgon Stage 2 project, which is nearing completion of the installation phase, to supply gas to the Gorgon plant from four new Jansz-Io and seven new Gorgon wells.

The Chevron-operated Gorgon Project is a joint venture between the Australian subsidiaries of Chevron (47.333 per cent), ExxonMobil (25 per cent), Shell (25 per cent), Osaka Gas (1.25 per cent), Tokyo Gas (1 per cent) and JERA (0.417 per cent).