China: CIC Boluomiao Shipyard Redelivers Two Repaired Vessels

During the spring festival holiday, the staff of CIC Boluomiao Shipyard worked in full swing to repair MV Suryawati and MV Super Sun. The panamax ship Suryawati was redelivered to her Indonesian owners on Jan 25th.

The repair work included the 600-ton steel plate renewal for the top plates for No.5, No.6 cargo holds, the double bottom plates, fore/after peak tank, keel blocks and 6000-meter longitudinal main deck, the slope plate of top-side tank, and shell frame. Meanwhile, there were 7 cargo holds required to be sandblasted & painted and pipes of engine room and main deck to be renewed.

The repair project covered a wide field and was required to work by turns. Regarding the steel renewal project as a key issue, the yard strengthened the management control and carried out the repair progress effectively. To ensure the repair project in good order, the upper lever leaders of the yard held a special meeting to work out a reasonable a construction plan .On the lunar New Year’s Eve, the test of hatch covers was successfully passed at 8:00pm,which marked the repair work completed after 50-day hard working. The ship was redelivered to the owners on Jan 25th.

Furthermore, the repair of MV Super Sun, redelivered on Jan. 29th to her owners. The ship entered into the shipyard for repair on Dec 19, 2011.

Since the vessel was in a bad condition, the volume of steel work was increased from 150 tons to 400 tons. At the same time, there was another vessel Rizhao Express required to do steel work too. It brought great pressure for the yard to organize labor force and control the safety. Hence, the yard held a special meeting to implement the detail plans. In order to ensure the delivery on schedule, many staff did not go back to homeland during the Spring Festival holiday. Beginning from the lunar New Year’ Eve, the repair work went into the critical period of testing and inspecting. The yard worked hard with one mind to do well in tackling the difficult problems and finally fulfilled the whole project on Jan. 28th.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, February 10, 2012;

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