CIC Boluomiao Shipyard Successfully Repairs LPG Carrier Yousu Gas (China)


The LPG carrier “Yousu Gas” was successfully redelivered by CIC Boluomiao Shipyard on May 14, 2011. The ship-owners were very satisfied with this repair service, especially the coating project for four double bottom tanks and one deep tank.

The shiping company knew Boluomiao shipyard had successfully repaired the ship which has been the largest tank coating area in the south china. And the shipyard has got high technology and good management experiences. Recently, a number of special purpose ships such as oil tanker, chemical tanker and asphalt carrier were high- quality, safely, and fast repaired by the shipyard.

In a spirit of in good faith, win-win of cooperation”, the shipping company arranged the ship into the shipyard on April 24, 2011. The projects also included 6 pieces cylinder head overhauling of the main engine, 1 set of diesel generator renewal, conventional dry-docking repairs, central air conditioner & freezer repair, cargo oil heating pipes, valves and some cargo oil pipe renewal, etc.

All professional workers had been working hard day and night, so the project were safely, high quality, and on schedule finished. The tests and inspection of the coating was passed by one time. All those good results are good support for the shipyard to improve competitiveness, enlarge and strengthen the main business of repair ship.


Source: csgcic, May 20, 2011;