China launches tender for 11.25GW offshore floating solar plants

Shandong, an eastern Chinese province on the Yellow Sea, has issued a tender for the development of 10 offshore floating solar projects with a combined capacity of 11.25GW by 2025.

Illustratio/Floating solar farm in China (Courtesy of Huaneng Power International)
Illustratio/Floating solar farm in China (Courtesy of Huaneng Power International)

According to the Chinese government, the projects will be developed in Binzhou, Dongying, Weifang, Yantai, Weihai, Qingdao, and other areas around Shandong’s coast.

The tender, open for applications until June 1, 2022, is for projects with fixed foundations that will be selected through market competition.

The government noted the projects will need to adhere to the unified planning and layout at the provincial level, the unified allocation of resources, and development and construction.

“In 2022, the pile-based fixed offshore solar projects in Shandong Province will be allocated through market competition, choosing strong comprehensive strength and investment.

“Enterprises with excellent models, advanced equipment, good technical solutions, reasonable construction periods and good industrial driving effects will be the development owners. Companies that meet the requirements are welcome to apply,” the Chinese government said.

The start of construction of the projects is expected later in 2022, and according to the guidelines from the Chinese government, the bidders must be registered in China as legal entities with the ability to integrate investment, construction and operation of new offshore energy projects.

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