China: TSC Provides Equipment for Dalian-Built Jack-Up Rigs

 TSC ,Provides ,Equipment ,for ,Dalian-Built ,Jack-Up ,Rigs,JU2000E

TSC recently signed a contract with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (“DSIC”) to provide equipment (BOP Cranes, Conductor Tensioning Units and Rack Cutting) for four units of JU2000E Jack-up drilling rigs to be built by DSIC.

The total contract value is approximately US$17.59 million and will be completed by the first quarter of 2014. The rigs are built for international customers including Seadrill Norway for operation in harsh marine environment and temperatures down to -20°C in and 400 feet water depth. The rigs will have the maximum drilling depth of up to 35,000 feet. The equipment is ABS classified and adheres to Norwegian NORSOK standards.

The scope of supply also includes racks used in the legs structure of the rigs. The racks are manufactured from special steel grade of over 177.8 mm in thickness requiring unique precision cutting to achieve high structural and load bearing integrity.

According to the press release, TSC is one of few independent rack cutting facility in China capable of this technology. TSC has previously supplied similar racks to 8 other jack-up rigs built in China.

Prior to this contract, TSC had previously supplied two units of BOP Cranes and four units of Conductor Tensioning Units to DSIC in 2011 for similar JU2000E Jack-up rigs.



 July 3, 2013