China’s LNG Imports Will Rise to 67 Million Tons by 2025

China’s LNG Imports Will Rise to 67 million Tons by 2025

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Director Medan Abdullah said in an interview with PRIME that China will raise imports of LNG to 67 million metric tons by 2025. China currently imports 18 million tons per year.

Global LNG market will show an annual rise by 5% due to some countries striving to diversify gas supplies and China has a particular interest in LNG in an effort to improve the environmental situation. Asian countries in general will be looking for new gas supplies, especially the ones without large pipeline networks. Abdullah also said that this is the reason why the company is working on developing the LNG business as the global natural gas supply will rise by 2% annually.

In numbers, Asian countries will consume up to 1.15 trillion cubic meters by 2030 compared to 684 billion cubic meters in 2012. Global consumption will rise from 3.6 trillion cubic meters in 2012 to 4.6 trillion cubic meters in 2030, he added.

LNG World News Staff, May 28, 2014

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