CIC Lixin Shipyard Completes Repairs of Bulker AKIBA, China

The sea-damaged vessel AKIBA arrived at CIC Lixin Shipyard for repair in the middle of September 2012. The vessel is a bulk carrier with LOA 190m and moulded breadth 32m.

The main work scope was the steel renewal of about 80% of the hull flat bottom area and the vertical sides, the inner frames of the ballast tanks over 1000 tons weight, the repair of propeller and rudderpost, the newly fabrication for the part of rudder blade, the ballast tanks coating and etc.

The owner of the vessel is a Singapore shipping company which has cooperated with CIC Lixin Shipyards for more than ten years, and they are quite familiar with the yard.

The subject vessel had been arranged docking for three times, amounted to 72 days in the dock. On 20th Feb, 2013, all of the steel renewal and docking works on the ship were completed. The owner was very satisfied with the sufficient dock period and the on-time fulfillment by the shipyard.


Press Release, February 22, 2013