CIMC Enric delivers largest single-batch of LNG conversion vessels in China

CIMC Blue Water, a subsidiary of CIMC Enric Holdings, has delivered a batch of 29 LNG conversion vessels to its customer Zhuhai Port Shipping Company, a subsidiary of Zhuhai Port Holdings Group.

Courtesy of CIMC Enric
Courtesy of CIMC Enric

This is the largest delivery of a single batch of oil-to-gas converted vessels in China, and according to CIMC Enric, an important achievement in the “Gasification of the Pearl River” project undertaken by the company in Guangdong Province.

The company plans to deliver an additional 15 vessels to customers in early 2023.

Courtesy of CIMC Enric

Li Dong, CIMC Enric Technology Innovation Sharing Centre General Manager and CIMC Blue Water Chairman, said: “… the company has been working with Zhuhai Port Group and other partners to promote national green shipping. The Guangdong Provincial Government has also provided immense support for this project.”

“With the company’s skids, tankers, barges, shore-based bunkering stations, and other full industry chain equipment manufacturing and intelligent solution capabilities, we significantly facilitate oil-to-gas vessel conversion and the construction of bunkering networks. Currently, we have already established an oil-to-gas conversion business for ships in the waterways of the Yangtze River, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and Pearl River.”

“We will continue promoting the use of LNG in the marine transportation industry and advance the R&D of new energy technologies such as green methanol and hydrogen energy to help China’s major waterway systems achieve ‘Green Shipping’.”

Kuang Jiangfeng, Zhuhai Port Shipping Company General Manager, said: “… Zhuhai Port Group embraces the national ‘dual carbon’ goal as its responsibility and is committed to promoting the development of green shipping on Xijiang and Yangtze rivers.”

“Guangdong inland waterway shipping green development demonstration project is the largest green shipping demonstration project in China. This batch delivery is an important step for us to tackle the high level of pollution created by the shipping industry. We will vigorously implement the ‘Green Intelligence & Strategy’ to explore new ways to further the marine transportation industry’s green development. Going forward, we will continue carrying out our mission to assist the development of green shipping in Guangdong Province and even the whole country.”

The delivery follows a plan issued in August 2022 by the Guangdong Provincial Government named “The development of multimodal transport to optimise and adjust the transport structure plan.”

The plan targets upgrading the green level of equipment and facilities to reduce shipping pollution and intends to deliver the first batch of 50 new LNG single-fuel-powered ships and 300 oil-to-gas vessel conversion tasks.

Additionally, in September 2022, five national ministries jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating Green and Intelligent Development of Inland Waterway Vessels.”

The statement requires the increase of green-powered vessels such as LNG, battery, methanol, and hydrogen fuel to achieve demonstration applications in the Yangtze River, Pearl River, Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, and Minjiang River basins, significantly reduce pollution emissions from inland waterway vessels, and form a new modal of green and intelligent operation and development for inland waterway vessels that is replicable, promotable, and sustainable.

As of the end of 2022, CIMC Enric had completed the conversion of 78 vessels, including the batch delivery of 29 vessels for Zhuhai Port Group.

The company said it is committed to promoting clean energy in the inland waterway through its oil-to-gas vessel conversion business, which includes providing a comprehensive solution covering LNG-powered vessels, bunkering stations, LNG-related equipment, LNG receiving stations and LNG supply assurance, along with their LNG fuel tank replacement demonstration solution for vessels.

According to it, by 2025, Guangdong will have converted 1,500 natural gas vessels for inland waterway shipping.

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