Photo: Gothenburg Port Authority.

CinfraCap IAPH 2021 Sustainability Awards finalist

The project CinfraCap, a collaborative venture between Göteborg Energi, Nordion Energi, Preem, St1, Renova, and Gothenburg Port Authority, has made it in the top 3 finalists of the IAPH 2021 Sustainability Awards.

The project, competing in the Climate & Energy category, is focused on finding an optimised infrastructure for transporting liquid carbon dioxide from plant to quayside.

Concept illustration of the CinfraCap solution. Image: Gothenburg Port Authority

“CinfraCap is an important part of a wide-ranging programme aimed at making the port fossil free. If we can produce a good business model, CinfraCap will be of crucial significance in the task of reducing carbon emissions, not only in Sweden but throughout the world,” Edvard Molitor, Head of Sustainability at the Gothenburg Port Authority noted.

As disclosed, the project’s aim is to identify the most effective way of approaching the industry-scale logistics required to support Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

The idea is to present concrete proposals for an optimised infrastructure, and link into other CCS projects. Once the infrastructure is in place, it should function as an open access system, expanding its potential user base.

CinfraCap will complement a number of other ongoing research and development projects, including the Climate Smart Industry initiative, Preem CCS, ZEROC, and NorthernLights, which is a full-scale carbon capture and storage project being run off the west coast of Norway.

64 projects were submitted by 37 IAPH member ports from 21 countries as entries for the 2021 World Ports Sustainability Awards, bringing the overall project portfolio on the World Ports Sustainability Program database to well over 200. 

The winning project will be announced at the IAPH2021 World Ports Conference on June 24.