CIS Delivers Conductor Installation Project in Malaysia

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CIS Group (CIS), an Acteon company that provides hammer services to install conductors and drive piles, has completed a conductor installation campaign in Malaysia.

CIS carried out the operation to create a subsea template to form the foundation of a new wellhead platform that forms part of an offshore oil and gas development.

The conductors were driven 275-feet below the mud line, which required penetrating a mix of dense sand and stiff clay formations.

To carry out the operation, CIS used its 90 KJ hydraulic hammer, a hydraulic conductor-driving system with a capacity of 147,500 ft/lbs.

The programme was completed in five months, with CIS carrying out the offshore conductor-driving operation in 12 hours.

“By finishing the job early, the operator reaped the benefits of reduced time and costs,” said Andy Penman, Group Managing Director of CIS. “It was a real achievement, and a fitting way to celebrate our 10th anniversary.”

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