CMM, Damen in fast crew change pact for Brazilian market

Compagnie Maritime Monégasque (CMM) and Damen Shipyards Group (Damen) have teamed up to offer what they say is a fast, safe and reliable Fast Marine Access crew change solution for the Brazilian market.

The solution entails transferring personnel between shore and “the ever more distant” deep sea offshore platforms and flotels, using a Damen FCS 7011 fast crew supply vessel.  Damen claims it vessels offers a high speed solution to complement existing helicopter transfers.

CMM currently operates a fleet of Damen Sea Axe fast oil spill response vessels in Brazil.

Christophe Vancauwenbergh, CEO at CMM said, “We are very pleased with the Sea Axe’s performance in Brazilian waters. It has proven to reduce slamming and fuel consumption significantly at high speeds, while increasing safety and comfort onboard.”

According to Damen, the DP2 classed vessel will be the first of its kind to maintain high speeds in harsh weather conditions where motions are minimized by the active ride control system.

The vessel is fitted with an integrated motion compensated gangway and a gyro stabiliser to provide a safe, reliable and high capacity transfer. The integrated approach of the key equipment enables a more dynamic approach and settlement of the gangway during the transfer phase, maximizing operability, Damen explains.

Damen Sales Manager Robin Segaar said, “The system is designed to anticipate wave motion, resulting in increased safety, comfort and up-time. The interior is designed to offer the highest comfort and allow for work or rest during transit phase. Alternative safety standby duties can be accommodated within the design where required.”

Currently the tank test phase is concluded at the TU Delft to verify the behavior of the design in both transit and transfer conditions before continuing to the engineering phase.

Vancauwenbergh adds“CMM likes to look at niche market opportunities and we expect that the FCS 7011 will be a market changer. We see a strong need for this type of solution and we strongly believe that this will be the first of a series.”