CNPC: Taian-Qingdao Trunk of Shandong Gas Pipeline Starts Operations (China)


CNPC Announced that on May 25, the Taian-Qingdao section of Shandong natural gas pipeline network became operational officially.

The Shandong natural gas pipeline network includes one trunk and six branches, which extends from Taian to Weihai with a total length of 1,067 kilometers and an annual transmission capacity of 8.6 billion cubic meters. Construction of the 342km-long Taian-Qingdao trunk began on September 28, 2009. The trunk commissioned on April 26, 2011 with natural gas reached Qingdao on April 29.

By May 25, the operating pressure of the distribution pigging station at Qingdao reached 6.3 MPa, and the trunk maintained 72-hour continuous smooth running.

The gas sources for Shandong natural gas pipeline network are mainly from CNPC’s Changqing, Qinghai and Tarim gas provinces and Central Asian countries through the Shaan-Jing Gas Pipelines.


Source: CNPC, May 30, 2011;