Cobham Drive Protection Works Move Forward

Coastal protection work getting underway this week will help strengthen the most vulnerable section of Cobham Drive from erosion and storm damage, Wellington City Council reports. 

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Over the next five months, a new rock bank – or revetment – will be built between the two roundabouts at Troy Street and Calabar Road in Wellington. It will help protect the road to the airport, and the new walking and bike paths, which are nearing completion.

The 310m-long sloping rock bank will be like the one at the Evans Bay Parade end of Cobham Drive built in 2006, and others around the city including at Breaker Bay and Dorrie Leslie Park, said the council.

About half of the rock (more than 2000 tonnes) has already been stockpiled on site in preparation, and the rest will be brought in as the work progresses.