Color Line boosts ships’ energy efficiency with Elomatic solution

Norway-based ferry operator Color Line has ordered the Elogrid solution from Finnish engineering and consulting company Elomatic for two of its passenger car ferries to improve their energy efficiency.

Color Line
Courtesy of Elomatic

The two ships in question to be equipped with the Elogrid solution are M/S Superspeed 1 and M/S Superspeed 2 passenger car ferries. Elogrid will be installed in early 2023 during periodical dry docking at the entrance of the bow and aft tunnel thrusters to reduce the vessels’ additional resistance.

As explained, the Elogrid grid design for thruster openings reduces the additional resistance of vessels. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The solution also increases the side thrust of the tunnel propellers and thus facilitates the vessels’ maneuverability in ports. This is especially beneficial when maneuvering in windy conditions and improves the ferries’ safety.

“The Elogrid solution will enable us to further raise the efficiency of these vessels while simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint, thereby supporting our drive to continuously improve our product offering,” Robin Tomren, Vice President for Sustainable Port and Tonnage Development at Color Line, commented.

Color Line is the biggest shipping company in Norway and one of the biggest in Europe that offer European short sea shipping. It operates seven ships on four international routes between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, with cruising on the Oslo-Kiel route, transport on the routes from Larvik and Kristiansand to Hirtshals and transport and shopping on the Sandefjord-Strømstad route.