Community Square

Community Square

Community Square returns, bigger than last year, to a prime spot on the Offshore Energy exhibition. Drop by for the live recordings of a talk-show or participate in a workshop related to the future of the North Sea and other topical themes in offshore. Both days of Community Square will be hosted by BNR Nieuwsradio presenter Maarten Bouwhuis.

At Community Square we look at challenges through the eyes of energy consumers and citizens, on top of the energy professional perspective. Community Square is there for anyone who feels part of the global offshore energy community as well as for all offshore energy stakeholders. All programs are guided by the overall annual theme Explore. Inspire. Transform.

Join us for a lively free to attend workshop or talk-show at Community Square. See you there!

Tuesday 23 October: Accelerating energy transition by new functions on the North Sea 

The first day at Community Square features workshops and talk-shows organized in collaboration with the North Sea Energy program.

1. Integrating functions for the North Sea
The North Sea is high on the political agenda of North Sea countries. The main policy themes for this area are the energy transition, ecology and sustainable food production. The main challenge is to harmonize these themes while considering all the various (economic) activities and stakeholders, including: oil and gas production, fisheries, sand and shell extraction, shipping, areas for military use, nature reserves, and recreational activities. The area thus has an important economic and environmental function for a country's economy; and there is competition for space.
10:00 – 11:00 Workshop on integrating functions
The workshop will focus on multiple use of space for the different functions of the North Sea. The workshop participants will have digital maps at their fingertips to become familiar with the challenges and come up with their own creative solutions for the North Sea future. The focus will be on the Dutch continental shelf, but the exercise will allow to look across the border.
2. Platform electrification
Electrification of offshore platforms is a proven option in the North Sea to decrease emissions and feed other future activities with clean energy. It can be an important stepping stone for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) and power-to-hydrogen. Connecting offshore wind areas and the offshore power grid to offshore platforms has not been done so far. However, plans to do so are on the drawing board.
11:15 – 12:00 Workshop on platform electrification
The workshop on platform electrification will bring the participants new insights on existing plans for platform electrification. Their knowledge is used and broadened by devising scenarios and plans to create an offshore power grid that can benefit both offshore wind and offshore electrification of oil and gas platforms.
12:00 – 12:30 ON AIR talk-show

Maarten Bouwhuis will interview experts on platform electrification. This talk-show will be livestreamed on

3. CCS as a lifeline for reaching Paris

Carbon capture and storage is an important mitigation measure in future climate plans for many North Sea countries. CO2 storage is already taking place in the North Sea and the storage potential in offshore depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and aquifers is vast. CCUS projects, plans and scenarios are being developed to unlock this potential and contribute in reaching Paris. But not without some challenges.

13:00 – 13:45 Workshop on CCS

The workshop on CCS will show you the existing CCUS plans, projects and scenarios for the North Sea. With interactive online maps the workshop participants can review these future activities and sketch their own futures. Re-use of existing offshore infrastructure for transport and storage of CO2 is at the core of this workshop.

13:45 – 14:15 ON AIR talk-show

Maarten Bouwhuis will interview experts on CCS. This talk-show will be livestreamed on

4. Hydrogen – the holy grail for transmission

Hydrogen has serious advantages over electrons when considering transport and storage of energy.
Strong offshore wind deployment in the North Sea has the challenge that new landing points are difficult to realize and that in periods of high wind electricity production the onshore grid cannot cope with the high volumes, i.e. grid congestion. This already may become a serious issue before 2030. Offshore electricity conversion to hydrogen and transport via (existing) pipelines may form a serious alternative to transport via power cables.

14:30 – 15:15 Workshop on hydrogen

The workshop will focus on the offshore production, transport and storage of hydrogen and the endeavor to look for serious synergies between the existing oil & gas infrastructure and that of offshore wind. Interactive maps will help the participants on their way to design their offshore hydrogen infrastructure of the future.

15:15 – 15:45 ON AIR talk-show

Maarten Bouwhuis will interview experts on hydrogen. This talk-show will be livestreamed on

5. System integration across borders

North Sea countries face mostly the same challenges. The offshore challenge of deploying vast amounts of wind energy, decommissioning offshore infrastructure for oil and gas, finding synergy between the societal, economic and ecological functions that have their spatial claim on the North Sea. It is important to understand how collaboration on this point is taking place right now and is being shaped for the future. This closing part will focus on collaboration on offshore system integration across borders to remove hurdles and increase the pace.

16:00 – 16:30 ON AIR talk-show

Maarten Bouwhuis will interview experts on cross border system integration. This talk-show will be livestreamed on

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