Concerns Raised over Race Bank’s Cable Laying in Sutton Bridge

DONG Energy is working on a solution to avoid damaging the Sutton Bridge marsh and the sea wall when cable connection works start on its Race Bank offshore wind farm.

Concerns Raised over Race Bank’s Cable Laying in Sutton Bridge

Councillors of the Sutton Bridge Parish Council voiced their concern over DONG’s cable work having the same effect as Centrica’s when it breached the sea wall to run the cable for its Lincs offshore wind farm. As DONG bought the Race Bank project from Centrica, the companies had discussed finding the right method to install the cable for Race Bank, Spalding Today writes.

The Council heard Ian Renshaw, DONG Energy’s consent project manager, who explained that his company is looking into possible methods of drilling without negatively affecting the area.

“If initial surveys were positive, DONG is going to drill deeper than Centrica but there are no guarantees of success,” he said.

Mr. Renshaw added that the company is exploring the possibility of horizontal drilling at the moment, and concluded: “If we were able to do that, it would allow us to not interfere with the bank and not interfere with the salt marsh.” 

Offshore WIND staff, August 08, 2014; Image: DONG Energy
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