Photo: Image Courtesy: Furetank

Construction Starts on Furetank’s 7th Vinga Tanker

China’s Avic Dingheng shipyard hosted a steel-cutting ceremony for the seventh Vinga-series tanker for Sweden-based shipowner Furetank Rederi AB.

The ship is to be named Fure Vinga, taking the place of its namesake which was sold to Canadian shipping company Desgagnés and renamed Gaia Desgagnés earlier this year.

The newbuilding is scheduled for delivery in November 2020, after it was ordered in April this year.

The 20,306 cbm tanker is identical to the series of eight sister vessels built by Avic for the Gothia Tanker Alliance, which is composed of Furetank Rederi AB, Rederi AB Älvtank and Erik Thun AB.

Measuring 149.9 meters in length, the tankers have dual fuel engines and incorporate several features that reduce fuel and energy consumption resulting in lower emissions of CO2, Sulphur oxide, Nitrogen oxide and particles.

Fure Ven, the latest tanker in the series to be delivered, was handed over in March 2019.