Construction support vessel adds Prysmian and Saipem to its to-do list

Construction support vessel adds Prysmian and Saipem to its to-do list

CSS Subsea has entered into a charter agreement with GO Offshore for a construction support vessel (CSV) used for supporting inspection, maintenance and repair works at oil & gas and renewables projects.

Source: CSS Subsea

CSS Subsea will take delivery of the CSV GO Supporter in early April and the vessel’s first project will be a one-month job with Prysmian in the Mediterranean Sea, followed by a five-month assignment with Saipem.

The vessel will be equipped with a work-class remotely operated vehicle (WROV), OBS ROV, air spread, and trenching spreads. It will be available for different work scopes, including survey and ROV inspection, trenching operation, air and saturation diving operation.

The charter agreement period could extend up to two years.

CSS Subsea plans to use the vessel across its client base in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf but stated it was welcoming interest from all geographical areas. 

GO Supporter features a 50t AHC Crane, 800 m2 deck, a helideck, and 6 x 6.6m work moonpool. The 2014-built vessel comprises 100 beds. 

“Due to the current market, we firmly believe that the synergy between a robust and reliable shipowner like Go Offshore and CSS Subsea technical capabilities can create and add value for all our clients. We start this challenging cooperation with confidence to provide the best services and increase the range of client satisfaction,” CCS Subsea stated.