CorPower Ocean and SSAB looking into fossil-free steel for wave energy technology

CorPower Ocean has signed an agreement with steel company SSAB to explore the development of one of the world’s first wave energy power plants using fossil-free steel.

Courtesy of CorPower Ocean

Under the agreement, SSAB will deliver the fossil-free steel to CorPower Ocean to be used as a structural material to build a wave energy system with lower carbon emissions.

The wave energy developer aims to start integrating fossil-free steel in its commercial products from 2026.

The deal between CorPower and SSAB is said to mark a new step for wave electricity plants where greater emphasis is placed on the full life cycle of energy-generating systems, including the sourcing and recycling of structural materials.

Currently, CorPower Ocean’s technology uses SSAB’s high-strength steel, delivering more than five times as much electricity per tonne of equipment compared with previous state-of-the-art wave energy systems. Now the introduction of SSAB’s fossil-free steel will further support CorPower Ocean’s commitment to environmentally friendly electricity production, the company stated.

“We have supported CorPower Ocean for almost ten years with the selection and specialist design of high-strength steel for its constantly evolving wave energy technology. Now, we are hugely excited for the next chapter of this long-term partnership, delivering fossil-free steel to ensure CorPower Ocean’s commercial product is delivered with the lowest carbon footprint possible,” said Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainable Business at SSAB.

“One of our core company mantras is to deliver the most environmentally friendly electricity on our planet. With our work with SSAB and fossil-free steel we aim to lead the way within the renewable sector by transparent reporting and continuous reduction of lifecycle emissions,” added CorPower Ocean Head of Business Development Anders Jansson.

CorPower Ocean recently completed the first steps of the commissioning program for its commercial-scale wave energy converter, the CorPower C4, and started exporting power to Portugal’s grid.

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