Photo: CorPower Ocean's PTO system for C4 wave energy device (Courtesy of CorPower Ocean)

CorPower Ocean’s PTO system for C4 wave energy device arrives to Portugal

CorPower Ocean has transported the power take-off (PTO) system for its novel C4 wave energy converter to Portugal, ahead of final integration and ocean deployment.

CorPower Ocean's PTO system for C4 wave energy device (Courtesy of CorPower Ocean)
CorPower Ocean’s PTO system for C4 wave energy device (Courtesy of CorPower Ocean)

The PTO component – which contains electro-mechanical equipment helping convert wave motion into electricity – recently arrived at CorPower Ocean’s development and integration facility in Viana do Castelo.

It follows a rigorous 12-month dry test program at the company headquarters in Sweden.

The PTO will now be integrated with the C4 composite hull, which was built locally in Portugal, in preparation for ocean deployment at the Aguçadoura test site, some 30 kilometers south of Viana do Castelo.

CorPower Ocean’s supply chain and quality manager Tord Jonsson stressed the process follows a broader vision to scale up wave energy globally, by combining central manufacturing with high levels of local content.

Jonsson said: “Our C4 drive trains (PTOs) have been specially designed within standard dimensions for trailers, trains and vessels, for ease of transportation via road, rail or sea. This will ensure efficient supply from central manufacturing locations to wave energy sites around the world.

“Due to a modular design approach, the majority of components which make up and support our wave energy systems can also be manufactured and sourced locally. This includes anchors, mooring systems, tidal regulation units, electrical collection systems and balance-of-plant components.”

Jonsson added that the company’s composite hull development program, which has been trialed in Portugal, has also demonstrated how future versions of manufacturing cells can be easily be integrated in local ports or final assembly facilities, amounting to ‘mobile factories’.

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Jonathan Meason, CorPower Ocean’s engineering manager, said: “The on-land testing took place on a purpose-built wave energy test rig in Sweden, which is the largest of its kind in the world. The PTO was heavily instrumented using 500 sensors which generated more than one terabyte of data.

“Throughout the process, the PTO was placed under significant duress in order to prove durability and resistance to loads, vibrations and thermal stress. As a result, its function and performance has been well characterized, with data confirming conversion efficiency on target, with power export up to 700kW.

“This entire process has ultimately provided us with strong confidence in the PTO technology as we now prepare for final system integration and ocean deployment.”

The C4 wave energy device will soon be deployed as part of the HiWave-5 project, which is the result of a decade of intense product development and three decades of research on wave hydrodynamics.

Driven by one of the world’s largest and most experienced wave energy teams, it marks a final push towards CorPower Ocean’s technology commercialization as part of a broader mission to make wave energy competitive with wind and solar by 2030.

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