CorPower to present its WEC technology

CorPower's buoy (Photo: CorPower Ocean)
CorPower’s buoy (Photo: CorPower Ocean)

Swedish wave energy developer, CorPower Ocean, will present its wave energy technology today in Portugal before shipping the buoys to Sweden for testing.

The presentation will include CorPower’s latest generation composite buoys manufactured in Portugal, as well as the updates on the technology from CorPower’s partners Composite Solutions, WavEC Offshore Renewables and ASM Energia.

The buoys will be shipped to Sweden this week, according to CorPower Ocean, for extensive dry rig testing, which will be followed by ocean testing at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC).

As reported earlier, the power take-off (PTO) will undergo a five-month dry test period in Stockholm on the same test rig that will be used for additional 5 months of testing in Orkney, culminating in performance assessment by EMEC, before the ocean deployment.

Corpower’s wave devices have PTO design that combines the high load capabilities from hydraulics with the efficiency of mechanical drive.

Its buoys oscillate in resonance with incoming waves, and by using the WaveSpring phase control technology which amplifies waves’ motion, the device increases the power capture, which is then converted to electricity, according to CorPower Ocean.

The presentation of the technology will be held at Navio Museu Santo André in Ilhavo, starting at 2 pm local time.

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