Costa Concordia Sponsons Installation Underway

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Costa Crociere and Titan Micoperi started the sponson installation on the Costa Concordia wreck site after obtaining the Monitoring Observatory authorization.

Costa Concordia Sponsons Installation Underway

During the operations on May 06, S11 starboard sponson was installed, which leaves 12 starboard side sponsons to be installed and 4 on the port side of the wreck.

The S13 sponson, which suffered disequilibrium, has been brought back in horizontal position and is currently kept in position with the support of the Conquest crane.

Technicians are carrying out operations to empty the sponson from ballast water and it will soon be transported to a shipyard for technical assessments and necessary repairs.

The installation work, which involves over 350 technicians, will continue as soon as the Conquest crane becomes available.

Repositioning of S13 will be completed at a later stage of the installation, until then the technicians will assess minor damages caused by S13 to the adjacent sponson S12.

Subsea World News Staff, May 07, 2014;  Image: theparbucklingproject

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